Training Development and Implementation SOP - Approved September 23, 2014

Training Development and Implementation SOP

One of the primary goals of the KWWOA is to provide training to Kentucky’s water and wastewater system operators that is relevant, timely and qualifies as continuing education for license renewal purposes.  As such, it is very important to ensure that each and every activity undertaken to implement a course adheres to the highest standards possible and meets the requirements set by the Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance.

All classes for the next calendar year must be finalized and provided to the Member Services Director by November 1.  The information below should be finalized to the greatest extent possible for inclusion in the January newsletter and placement on the website.  (This applies as well to any events that the Chapter wants to publicize, but is not as important.)  To be published on the website, the following information must be provided:

Training Classes

  • Class date(s)
  • Location, including building name and full address
  • Number and type of training hours to be offered, including topic if known
  • Cost for members and nonmembers
  • Any days that lunch will be provided, if applicable
  • If a room block has been set up, the name, full address, and phone number for the hotel, the date the room block will expire and the cost of the sleeping room.

Golf Scrambles

  • Date of the scramble
  • Name of the golf course and the full address
  • Registration and Tee time,
  • Cost per individual and what it includes
  • Sponsorship costs/levels and the benefits provided to the vendor.

Holiday Events

  • Date
  • Location, including the building name and the full address
  • What time the event starts and what is included (i.e. Chapter meeting, meal, dance, prizes, etc.)
  • Cost for the member and guest

Exhibit Shows

  • Date
  • Location, including the building name and the full address
  • Set up and take down time for the booth
  • Price of the booth and what is included (i.e. booth size, table size, 2 chairs, signage and wastebasket)
  • Number of booths the site can accommodate
  • If electric is available and the cost if not included in the original price

Given that specified training locations have been identified for publication, the Chapter should ensure that the facility referenced is properly contracted to reserve the space. 

Training utilized for continuing education must be approved by the appropriate regulatory authority.  In Kentucky, the regulatory agency is the Division of Compliance (DCA) Assistance and the training is reviewed by the Kentucky Board of Certification of Water Treatment and Distribution System Operators and/or the Kentucky Board of Certification of Wastewater System Operators during their monthly meetings.  All training conducted by KWWOA must be approved a minimum of one month prior to the training event. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in State Board cancellation of the upcoming training.

If KWWOA elects to offer training to certified operators in other states, then the requirements of that state will have to be researched and their requirements followed.Traditionally, we apply for training approval from Indiana and Ohio for the KWWOA Annual Conference.

All training applications must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to the Certification Board meeting(s) to be placed on the agenda for review. The Certification Board meetings occur the third Tuesday of the month. DCA’s “Application for Approval of Courses for Continuing Education Credit, for DEP ACCE Revised 8-2009” (attached) must be completed fully and correctly and take into consideration the “Core Content List for Wastewater Collection and Treatment Operators Revised” and the “Core Content List for Bottled Water, Water Distribution and Water Treatment Operators” (attached). The application may be completed by any State or Chapter officer, but all related class materials should ultimately be turned over to the sponsoring Chapter Secretary for safe keeping.

Upon review of the class, DCA will forward to the contact, a letter specifying approval and/or deficiencies to be corrected.  If approved, the letter will contain a DCA Event Number(s) that will be utilized to identify the class when submitting the training hours for each operator.  If the training agenda is different for wastewater and drinking water operators, two different Event Numbers will be issued.The approval letter should be preserved with the application.

If the approved class is altered in any way, the changes must be noted and resubmitted to DCA for approval.Training hours may not be submitted until the class changes are approved.

While the training will be listed on the website for registration purposes, it is recommended that members be notified/reminded of the class three weeks prior to the training date. Contact information can be obtained from the Chapter Secretary or Member Services Director for all Chapter members which will specify if they wish to be contacted via email or snail mail. A sample training brochure is attached. If a registration form in included in the brochure it is recommended that these be mailed to the KWWOA State address.

Prior to the class date, the Member Services Director will prepare a roster of the people that registered on the website. This roster will identify the chapter, class name and date and include a signature column for each day of the class. If attendees send their registration to the Chapter, these should be provided to the Member Services Director such that they can be added to the roster and their membership confirmed. If attendees are not members, then payment should be received before their training is submitted to DCA.

Prior to the class, the Chapter should identify ample staff to assist with registration, moderation of the class and stamping of training cards.  Based on the type of training to be provided, the Chapter should ensure that they have ample support equipment (projectors, screens, microphones) and staff to properly conduct/monitor the class. This applies even if the Member Services Director is responsible for preparing the training program.

 Stamp cards should be drafted and ample copies made for registered attendees and potential onsite registrants. A sample stamp card is attached.  It is strongly recommended that a stamp card be utilized versus relying on the roster signature to document training hours.  While the roster signifies that the individual is present at some point, it cannot substantiate that the attendee was there for the full day of training. When submitting the training documentation to DCA, the person responsible for such is confirming the hours provided. If questioned and we are unable to document the hours earned by the operator, KWWOA’s reputation as a training provided and/or the certification of the operator who signed/submitted the roster could be in jeopardy.

If the Chapter elects to rely on the roster to document the training hours, the person responsible for monitoring the attendees should sign the roster with the statement that all attendees were present for a stated amount of time.If an attendee leaves early, this should be noted on the signature sheet.

When utilizing a card to document the training house earned, the Chapters can purchase stamps to mark each hour the person is in attendance.These should be kept secure at all times.It is recommended, that the operators file out and have their individual training cards stamped as this prevents fraud and/or Chapter staff missing a paper that has been left on the table for stamping.

Documentation of attendance must be provided to the Division of Compliance Assistance within no more than thirty days after date of the training event or sooner if the training is held in June.  This documentation must be provided via hard copy on a “Continuing Education Activity Report DEP CEAR 8-2009” (copy attached) or electronically through the “Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) Electronic Submittals” website.  All Chapter Secretaries are encouraged to solicit a login from DEP to submit this information electronically.  When applying to DEP for a login, you should reference KWWOA’s Agency Number 82582.  In both cases you will also need the course approval number to complete/submit these forms.

Hard copies should be made of each document submitted and these should be included in the class file.If submitted electronically, the “Request ID” should also be noted on the copy and the submittal date.

All documentation related to the class, including but not limited to,  the “Application for Approval of Courses for Continuing Education Credit”, Application addendums, State approval letter(s), class roster with attendee signatures, stamp cards, and copy of the Continuing Education Activity  or online “TCH Activity Report” submitted to the State to document the training hours earned by each operator, must be maintained for two years after the renewal date in which the hours could have been applied. These may be maintained as hard copies or scanned to disk.

If you issue a class or event (i.e. golf scramble) brochure, it is suggested that you maintain this in the file for historical purposes as well.

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