Frequently Asked Questions

KWWOA requires your home and business contact information, Agency Interest and Certificate Numbers.  We request your contact information for the distribution of KWWOA materials, such as your membership card, newsletters, training information, class confirmations, etc.  We ask for your personal contact information to be included in case you leave your current place of employment and your membership is still valid.

The Agency Interest and Certification numbers are necessary to allow for the reporting of training hours earned to the KY Division of Compliance Assistance. 

As with many websites, an email address (business or personal) and password are now required to help protect the site and your information.  If you don’t have a work or personal email address, we have added a link to create one.   If you created an account in the past with a bogus email address, we encourage you to enter a valid email, but you can also continue using what you have.  If your system only has one email address for multiple people to use, only one person may use it as the login on their KWWOA account.

Write down your email/password, as this what you will utilize to gain access to your account on the website. Even though you have a valid email address, you may elect to have your KWWOA information sent via the postal service, but it will take a little longer.

As with many websites today, an email address and password are required to help protect the site and your information.   If you don’t have an email address, we have included a link that will allow you to create a valid email account.  Write down the email and password you create, as this information will be used to gain access to your account on the KWWOA site from now on.  If you have a work or personal email address, you may use which ever you prefer.

No. An account is required, if you wish to place an order or post a job vacancy, etc.

No, but you will have to create an account on the website, register for the class and pay a fee for the training you select.

Yes, but to do so, you as well as the person placing the order, must have a user account on our website. Employers may create an account for you, but you will have to provide them with some personal information to do so (i.e. AI number if certified, email, password, home address, etc.).    Even if the Employer pays for your membership, it belongs to you even if you leave their employment and it will be valid until December 31 of the calendar year.

It is a unique number assigned by the Division of Compliance Assistance when an operator is first certified.

No, we do not sell you personal information.  We do provide class attendee information to our speakers and/or our Associate members, if they request such for that particular class.

Once logged in to your Account, you will see your current Business and Home address with an “Edit” button to the right of each.  Click on the appropriate “Edit” button, make the necessary changes and hit the “Save” button on the bottom of the page.  If when you created your account you were not certified, but you have now been assign an Agency Interest Number by the KY Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA), please add this information in the designated fields and hit the “Save” button.

You will find that the membership, training and statel conference registration pages all look very similar.  Once you have logged into your account, select to the appropriate page/product.  On that page within the box that says “Find Users” type in your last name.  When you do this, a list of names appear below the box.  Using your mouse, click on your name and your information will be displayed on the page in a blue box.  If you want to add another operator to the order, do so now.  If not click on the “Purchase” button outlined in green.   You may then proceed to the cart for check out.  Do not stop responding to the questions posed until you get to the screen with an order number.  If you stop without obtaining an order number, the order is not complete.

If you enter your or another operator’s last name and it does not appear, this means they do not have an account.  An account will have to be created, before they may be registered for class.

If you are a member and there is no charge for a class, you still must check out and obtain an order number for the class registration to be complete.

Yes.  Simply select “Check Payment” at checkout and complete the order.  A check, money order, or cashier’s check must then be mailed to KWWOA, P.O. Box 700, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342, with  the order number referenced on the payment.  If you are registering for a training class and are not a member, your training hours will not be provided to the Division of Compliance Assistance until the fee is paid.  It is your responsibility to see that the fee is submitted in a timely manner.

Yes.  When checking out, simply select the credit card button and follow the prompts provided to add your card information.  This transaction is done through PayPal, but you are not required to have a PayPal account, unless the purchase is over $1,000.00.  By utilizing PayPal, KWWOA will also not have access to nor save any personal financial information.  When checking out, make sure the address listed on the payment page is the credit card billing address or the card may be declined.  Follow all the prompts for checking our and do not stop this process until you have an order number.