Georgetown Municipal Water & Sewer Service – Communications Director




Class Title: Communications Director

Department: Administration

Supervisor: General Manager

Supervises: None

Class Characteristics: Responsible for development and execution of a public outreach program to highlight Georgetown Municipal Water & Sewer Service’s history, current/ongoing programs, and efforts to internal and external audiences. Under minimal administrative direction, leads and manages an effective public relations, marketing/branding, and communications program to inform and engage customers, stakeholders, partners, media, and local/state/federal agencies (including the GMWSS Board of Commissioners, Georgetown City Council, Scott County Fiscal Court) that interact with GMWSS. Performs work of considerable difficulty, requiring the independent application of experience, judgement, and skills in strategizing and overseeing internal and external communication and public relations functions of GMWSS.

General Duties and Responsibilities:

a. Lead and implement communications and public relations strategies for GMWSS.

b. Develop and manage all external communications, inclusive of working with city and county leaders, customers, and individual GMWSS departments to ensure comprehensive reporting of news and events to GMWSS’s key audiences.

c. Lead teams that include internal staff and outside resources to design and implement communications plans for large-scale initiatives and events.

d. Direct and manage relationships with Georgetown and Scott County’s elected leaders, committees, and related agencies.

e. Assist and lead in GMWSS efforts to secure funding for projects, programs, and initiatives.

f. Direct consumer research and establish strategies and metrics to increase customer satisfaction, brand perception, and brand awareness.

g. Work with GMWSS staff and partners to align all messaging and integrated communication approach for company initiatives (engineering projects, water quality initiatives, and philanthropic endeavors).

h. Provide support for and conduct media relations and crisis communication.

i. Maintain knowledge of and be able to communicate about issues on which GMWSS may receive media inquiries, and serve as the GMWSS media liaison and spokesperson, when appropriate.

j. Develop press and educational materials, programs, and initiatives to promote GMWSS’s programs and services.

k. Plan and coordinate media events, as well as board meetings.

l. Develop and execute education and outreach efforts and manage team that executes this effort with school-based curriculum and programming, community outreach, and strategic partnerships.

m. Develop, maintain, and update GMWSS “brand” materials and documents.

n. Prepare and manage content on all GMWSS communications platforms (website, email, social media, newsletters, etc.).

o. Develop message calendar, written marketing and outreach communications, and publish content for the Company’s website and social media platforms; work with traditional and non-traditional media; oversee the development of assets (video, animation, etc.) to support the content; and develop and monitor metrics for content marketing.

p. Implement key initiatives related to communication and engagement.

q. Monitor and measure engagement on GMWSS’s digital platforms, including social media, newsletters, and websites.

r. Maintain excellent working relationships with customers and media; maintain contact with key reporters, influencers, community leaders, and online journalists.

s. Identify, develop, and implement efforts and strategies that highlight GMWSS’ value to the community.

t. Perform other related duties and responsibilities as assigned.


Training and Experience: Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or related field, plus 5 years experience in communications and public relations. Utility, government, lobbying, and grant funding experience is preferred.

Special Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


1. Knowledge of current events and community relations related to GMWSS.

2. Knowledge of local government structures.

3. Knowledge of key stakeholders in the community and skill/ability to apply advanced relationship building skills to forge and maintain relationships.

4. Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office products.

5. Basic knowledge of design software, graphic design fundamentals, and ability to recommend software solutions for internal use (Adobe Suite, Canva, etc.).

6. Working knowledge of Google Analytics and other digital measurement platforms.

7. Working knowledge of WordPress.


1. Marketing.

2. Creative content.

3. Social media.

4. Public speaking.

5. Written and oral communication.

6. Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) including the ability to make presentations and communicate with various external and internal customers using a variety of communication tools.

7. Excellent organizational skills while performing a variety of tasks simultaneously.


1. Ability to work in a team environment or independently with minimal supervision.

2. Ability to communicate complex information and data verbally and in writing in a manner that non-industry personnel can comprehend.

3. Ability to utilize knowledge for subject matter and audience to select information to provide and the best method for disseminating.

4. Ability to demonstrate expertise in building and implementing comprehensive communications campaigns, reviewing analytics, and optimizing for best results.

5. Ability to convey clear and accurate information in an appropriate and tactful manner via business correspondence, reports, conversations, and presentations to co-workers, professional colleagues, officials, the media, and the general public.

6. Ability to apply knowledge of diversity issues with written and verbal communication skills to effectively interact with and prepare messaging for individuals of varying ages, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, etc.

7. Ability to multi-task and work independently with limited daily supervision.

8. Ability to combine knowledge of laws and best-practices concerning confidential and sensitive information with judgement and skill in decision-making sufficient to perform assigned duties while maintaining an appropriate level of confidentiality.

9. Ability to prioritize, plan, and organize personal work activities with minimal supervision, oral and/or written instructions, sufficient to complete multiple projects simultaneously while complying with all applicable policies, procedures, and standards.

10. Ability to maintain accurate records and manage files sufficient to store and retrieve information on demand.

11. Ability to learn new tasks, develop new skills, and acquire new knowledge as required in a dynamic organization.


Processes: Must frequently refine existing work methods and develop new techniques, concepts, or programs within established limits.

Review of Work: Work is reviewed through oral and written reports.

Physical Demands of the Job: Work is typically performed indoors sitting at a desk or table; lifting light objects (less than 25 pounds) is a requirement of the job.

Tools and/or Equipment Used: Normal office equipment (computer, calculator, telephone, etc.); vehicle.

Contacts: Frequent public and internal contacts requiring tact and diplomacy are requirements of the job.

Confidential Information: Regular use of confidential information is a requirement of the job.

Additional Requirements: Must be able to respond in emergency situations at all hours.

Overtime Provision: Exempt.


Georgetown Municipal Water & Sewer Service (GMWSS) will be accepting applications for the position of Communications Director. Excellent benefits package and salary ranges offered and based upon experience. Detailed job descriptions and application forms can be obtained from Barb Bowman at 1000 W Main Street in Georgetown, Kentucky, and through the GMWSS website at Applications will be accepted until the position has been filled. A resume does not substitute for an application. Passing a physical, drug/alcohol test and background check are conditions of employment. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or a related field and at least five years’ experience are required.

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