City of Elizabethtown Valley Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant – Chief Operator


STARTING PAY: $29.95/hr

STATUS: Non-Exempt


The Chief Operator is a technical and supervisory position responsible to the Director of Wastewater Treatment for the safe and efficient operation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Supervision is exercised over plant operations, maintenance and laboratory functions. The Chief Operator has the responsibility of directing day-to-day operations safely and efficiently while complying with City, State and Federal regulatory obligations.


Monitor operations and daily maintenance schedules by regularly inspecting the treatment plant. Conduct a monthly safety meeting for all WWTP employees. Analyze and update operational procedures and the maintenance program as needed. Maintain time cards and scheduling of all operational and maintenance personnel. Implement, update and provide monthly training on safety programs such as Hazard Communication Program, Lockout/Tagout, Confined Space Entry, Bloodborne Pathogens and all other safety issues pertaining to wastewater treatment. Assist with specifications for major equipment and material purchases. Administer purchase orders subject to the review of the Wastewater Superintendent. Maintain good working relationship with all employees using Total Quality Management. Ensure that City policies are being followed and jobs are completed. Use computer to maintain Monthly Operational Reports and prepare Discharge Monitoring Reports. Assist in the preparation of the annual budget and recommend plant improvements and additions. Perform other duties as assigned.


1. Associate Degree in Science or equivalent experience.
2. Two years experience as Class III Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator or acceptable equivalent experience and certification.
3. Certified Kentucky Class IV Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator or ability to obtain Class IV certification within one year.
4. Possess valid Kentucky driver’s license.
5. Communicate effectively in English, both orally and writing.
6. Able to follow written and oral directions and instructions.
7. Able to work overtime, be on-call, and respond to an emergency within one (1) hour when on-call.
8. Physically capable of performing essential job functions.
9. Vision must be 20/20, or correctable to this level.
10. Neat in appearance, of good moral character, and not convicted of a felony.
11. Excellent interpersonal skills.
12. Have a general understanding of laboratory practices and procedures.

You can find the applications at or submit your resume to Corey Bond at If you have questions about the job you can call 270-737-7733.


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