Water or Wastewater Representative SOP - Approved July 17, 2014

Water and/or Wastewater Representative

Serve as Chapter Representative to the State Board.  Attend all meetings and/or solicit a proxy and notify the State Chairperson prior to the meeting date.   Represent the Chapter on all decisions that come before the Board.  Share Board decisions with the Chapter in a timely manner and ensure that Chapter President is aware of any changes in procedures as provided by State Board.

Develop technical programs for all chapter trainings with the help of the other representative and all Chapter officers.  Ensure that all Chapter training is submitted and approved by the Certification Boards one month prior to the class.  Work with the Chapter officers and/or Member Services Director to ensure that all classes are conducted in a professional manner, operator training hours are submitted within a month of the class and all class related materials are maintained within the class file (hard copy or scanned to disk) for a period of two years beyond the renewal period date in which the hours could have been applied.

Work with the proper Chapter Officers to promote KWWOA membership and Chapter activities to all operators and systems within the local Chapter counties.  All class announcements, with the exception of those coordinated by the Member Services Director, must be distributed three weeks prior to the school date. Each brochure or email should encourage online registration for the event.  Chapter membership lists may be obtained from the Member Services Director.

Assist with locating advertisers for Chapter activities, KWWOA newsletter and web page and Annual Conference.

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