Travel Reimbursement SOP - Approved November 20, 2019


KWWOA will reimburse its officers, staff and/or designated members for reasonable expenses incurred while conducting “official” business, as determined by the Chairman or KWWOA State Board. Funds will not be reimbursed if the Utility/Company for which the member works has also paid those same expenses.

Where possible, travel arrangements should be made up front and paid for with a State or Chapter KWWOA credit card. Credit cards are held at the state level by the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Member Services Director and expenses will be paid by these individuals when available.

Within two weeks of completion, the traveler will file a KWWOA Travel Voucher (see attached form). The Voucher should be accompanied by receipts for all expenses incurred. If you were unable to obtain a receipt, then a note should be prepared and attached to the Voucher identifying the expense (i.e. baggage tip). KWWOA will not pay for alcoholic beverages during travel or expenses that are not required for the trip.

When calculating mileage, KWWOA will utilize the Federal IRS rate for guidance and the rate will be set in February of each year. This may be obtained from the KWWOA Member Services Director.

The State Board will be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred by the Member Services Director, which are related to the implementation of a Chapter training event. This expense will be documented on an invoice and forwarded to the Chapter upon completion of the training. All invoices are due upon receipt.

Travel Voucher

On the Travel Voucher, the name, address, city, state and zip represents the address where the reimbursement is to be mailed. The “Activity” represents the program you were travelling for which helps in assigning the expense. For example, if you are attending the KRWA Conference to staff the KWWOA booth, you would simply list “KRWA- Booth Staff” for the Activity.  Under the “Purpose of expense” list for each day of travel, the date, what you were doing on that date, and identify the total expense for the day in the appropriate column. (change above was to delete an antiquated example).

In cases where KWWOA is paying a salary for work conducted, list the date(s) of the work and reference the start and end times for each day, minus any meal/breaks, and the total number of hours worked.

Sign and date the travel voucher and forward it with the receipts to the Member Services Director to: KWWOA, P.O. Box 700, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342. The Member Services Director will sign the form if knowledgeable about the travel and/or seek guidance from the KWWOA Chairman. The travel voucher and receipts will be forwarded for payment to the Treasurer on the next Transmittal (submitted to the Treasurer on the 15th and 30th/31st of each month).

Travel Incurred by the Member Services Director, Chairman or Vice-Chairman

Travel expenses incurred by the Member Services Director, Chairman or Vice-Chairman will be documented on a monthly basis on an Expense Summary (attached). The upper portion of the sheet will be utilized for mileage and expenses paid outside the KWWOA credit card. On the lower portion of the sheet, all expenses charged to the credit card should be documented.

Receipts for all purchases, paid for by the individual or via the KWWOA credit card, should be attached to the form. The form should be signed, dated and mailed within a week of the end of the month to the KWWOA Treasurer.

If the individual utilizes their personal vehicle for travel versus a company car, yet purchases gas with the KWWOA credit card, the gas cost should be deducted from the mileage reimbursement figure.  For example, assuming the trip was for 100 miles, the mileage reimbursement was .58 cents per mile and the gas charged was $20.00.  The individual would be paid $38.00.

100 miles x .58 cents mileage = $58.00 – $20 gas charge = $38.00.

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