State Treasurer Duties - Revised September 21, 2015

State Treasurer Duties (overview)

The KWWOA State Treasurer serves a two year term and is appointed by the KWWOA State Board of Directors. The Treasurer’s primary responsibility is to manage, document and report on the flow of money to and from the Association.  This includes some reporting as well for funds taken in and/or expended by the four KWWOA Chapters.  Outlined below are the primary duties associated within this position.  In addition to the duties outlined below, the Treasurer shall provide to the KWWOA State Board, on or about March 1, a financial statement for the previous fiscal year, which details all receipts, distributions to the Chapters and expenditures.  KWWOA’s fiscal year is based on a calendar year and this report shall reflect such.

Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Receipt, safe guard, document and deposit all funds received by KWWOA at the State level.  All funds received by the Association will be forwarded by the Member Services Director to the State Treasurer via transmittal, a minimum of twice a month (normally on the 15th and 30th/31st).  Funds received should be documented and deposited within one week of receipt by the Treasurer, due to the time lapse between receipt by the Member Services Director and the transmittal date.
  2. The KWWOA also receives payments online via PayPal Payments Pro.  It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to serve as the primary owner of this account, draw down funds to the bank account and initiate refunds as necessary.  The timeframe for the drawdown of funds should reflect the needs of the Association as it relates to bill payments, the distribution of funds to the Chapters and for reporting purposes.
  3. All funds and invoices received, should be properly documented by the established categories within Quicken, including funds that are designated as/pass through to the Chapters (i.e. membership allocation, training, golf, sponsorship, etc.).
  4. Issuance of refunds via check or PayPal as documented by the Member Services Director, within a timely manner.
  5. Issuance of payments as documented by the Member Services Director via a transmittal or as noted by the Board.  Checks should be issued for all bills received via a transmittal within one week of receipt by the Treasurer, due to the time lapse between receipt by the Member Services Director and the transmittal date and to deter late charges and maintain a sound credit rating for the Association.
  6. Issuance of staff paychecks on the first of each month.  These should be placed in the mail no later than 29th/30th of the previous month.
  7. Issuance of staff/board expense checks. These should be based on an approved travel voucher and issued within one week of receipt by the Treasurer.
  8. Maintenance of an inventory that documents bills being paid via debit card from the bank account, credit card numbers and to whom they are issued, and all account numbers/passwords for various financial accounts (checking, savings, credit card, PayPal, etc.).  A secondary owner shall be placed on all accounts for informational purposes.  This information shall be provided to the Chairman.
  9. Preparation of Financial Reports in the format established by KWWOA for each State Board Meeting and/or as directed by the Board, which include the categories listed below:
    1. Income
      • Dues
        • Annual Chapter Dues
        • Associate Membership Dues
        • Miscellaneous (i.e. website banner, newsletter advertisements, Chapter reimbursements to State, etc.)
      • Annual Conference
        • Conference Registrations
        • Conference Sponsorships
        • Conference Booth
      • Chapter Training
        • Event Registration (i.e. booths, golf registrations, etc.)
        • Sponsorships (i.e. golf hole purchases, meals sponsorships, etc.)
        • Chapter Training Registrations
    2. Expense
      • Administration & General
        • Staff Salaries (Member Services Director and Treasurer)
        • Travel Expense
        • Office Equipment
        • Office Expense
        • Insurance
        • Utilities (i.e. Cell phone)
        • PayPal/Bank Fees
        • Postage
        • Legal/Professional Service Fees (i.e. CPA)
        • Refunds
        • Board Meeting Expenses
        • Scholarships
        • Website Fees (i.e. hosting, design, revisions, etc.)
        • Newsletter Expense (2/3 of January and all of July)
        • Miscellaneous
      • Annual Conference Expense
        • Conference Center Rental
        • Decorations
        • Meals
        • Pipe & Drape
        • Contract Staffing (i.e. speakers, workers, etc.)
        • Per Diem Expenses for Staff
        • Entertainment (for Conference events)
        • Promotional Items
        • Miscellaneous
      • Chapter Dues
        • Transfer of Chapter Dues
        • Transfer of Event Income (i.e. training registrations, sponsorships, golf registrations, etc.)
      • Promotion
        • Travel Expenses (transportation only)
        • Meals
        • Event Registration
        • Overnight Expense (i.e. hotel, parking, internet)
        • Advertising
        • Promotional items
        • Brochures
    3. File by April 15 of each calendar year, through the Association’s Accountant, Tax Returns for the Association which incorporate information from the four KWWOA Chapters.  Coordinate with the Chapters to confirm the accuracy of the information provided and to solicit additional information required by the State Accountant.  This information is to be shared with the State Chairman prior to the filing of the tax return.  Once the Tax Return is filed a copy should be scanned for historical purposes, but the hard copy maintained as well. The information contained within this report shall be shared at the next State Board Meeting.
    4. File no later than September 15 an annual report to the Kentucky Secretary of State to maintain the Associations’ incorporation.
    5. Maintain communication with the Member Services Director and Chapter Treasurers’ on a routine basis as it relates to financial information submitted.
    6. Safeguard financial records and maintain the confidentiality of such.  
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