State Secretary SOP - Approved September 23, 2014

State Secretary Duties SOP

  1. The Secretary for the State KWWOA Board shall be elected by the Board of Directors to serve a two-year term which shall begin and end with the Annual Meeting.
  2. It is the responsibility of the State Secretary to work with Member Services Director and Chapters to ensure that all records of the Association are maintained, submit minutes of each meeting and work with the Member Services Director to maintain a current membership roster.
  3. Attend and compile minutes for all Board Meetings conducted.
  4. Assist in promoting KWWOA’s standard operating procedures (see Procedures tab on the KWWOA website) among the State Chapter Secretaries to ensure that all records are properly maintained.
  5. Work with the State Board and Chapter Officers to promote KWWOA Membership, training and events to all certified operators, drinking water and wastewater systems, lab analyst and associates involved in the business.
  6. Assist with locating advertisers for the KWWOA newsletter, web page, events and Annual Conference.
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