Chapter Secretary/Treasurer SOP - Approved September 23, 2014

Chapter Secretary/Treasurer Duties

Actively participate in the management of the Chapter and attend all meetings scheduled.

Compile and distribute in a timely manner, all minutes of Chapter meetings and/or Treasurer Reports.

Safeguard funds and properly maintain Chapter Bank Account(s) to document all funds received and dispersed.

Document all expenditures, etc. and provide financial reports to the State Board, within the format and timeframe specified by the State Treasurer, including but not limited to tax related documents.

Ensure that all invoices received by the Chapter, including those submitted by the State Board, are paid within 30 days. 

Forward any membership applications and original checks/fees received to the KWWOA Central Office for processing (reference Membership Processing SOP) within a week of receipt.

Provide to the Member Services Director by November 1, information on all Chapter training classes and events for the upcoming year.  All relevant information should be forwarded for each event, including but not limited to:

Training Classes

  • Class date
  • Location, including building name and full address
  • Number and type of training hours to be offered, including topic if known
  • Cost for members and nonmembers
  • Any days lunch will be provided, if applicable
  • If a room block has been set up, the name, full address and phone number for the hotel, the date the room block will expire and the cost of the sleeping room.

Golf Scrambles

  • Date of the scramble
  • Name of the golf course and the full address
  • Registration and Tee time
  • Cost per individual and what it includes
  • Sponsorship cost and what each provides to the vendor.

Holiday Events

  • Date
  • Location and the full address
  • What time the event starts and what is included (i.e. Chapter meeting, meal, dance, prizes, etc.)
  • Cost for the member and guest

Exhibit Shows

  • Date
  • Location and the full address
  • Set up and take down time for the booth
  • Price of the booth and what is included (i.e. booth size, table size, 2 chairs, signage and wastebasket)
  • Number of booths the site can accommodate
  • If electric is available and the cost if not included in the original price

Secure access to the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection Electronic Submittal website to enter and/or assist with documentation of class attendance within thirty days of the training event or sooner if the event is held in June.

Maintain the documentation related to Chapter training classes, including but not limited to the “Application for Approval of Courses for Continuing Education Credit”, approval letter, class roster with attendee signatures and copy of the “TCH Activity Report” submitted to the Cabinet to document the training hours earned by each operator, for two years after the renewal date in which the hours could have been applied.  These may be maintained as hard copies or scanned to disk (see Records guidance).

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