Chapter President SOP - Approved July 17, 2014

Chapter Vice-President Duties

  1. Assist the President to conduct a minimum of one Chapter meeting per year, at a place determined by the Chapter. Fulfill the duties of the President in his/her absence.  Run all Chapter business meetings in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.
  2. Assist the Chapter Officers to make sure they are aware of Association/Chapter procedures and actively/properly performing the duties of their position(s).
  3. Assist the Chapter to ensure training programs are submitted to the KY Boards of Certification and approved one month prior to the class. Assist the Chapter officers and/or Member Services Director to ensure that all classes are conducted in a professional manner.  Ensure that all documentation related to each class, including but not limited to the “Application for Approval of Courses for Continuing Education Credit”, Application addendums, State approval letter(s), class roster with attendee signatures and copy of the “TCH Activity Report” submitted to the State to document the training hours earned by each operator, is maintained for two years after the renewal date in which the hours would have been applied.  These may be maintained as hard copies or scanned to disk.
  4. Assist the Chapter Officers to promote KWWOA Membership and activities to all operators and systems within the local Chapter counties. All class announcements, with the exception of those coordinated by the Member Services Director, must be distributed a minimum of three weeks prior to the school date. Each brochure or email should encourage online registration for the event. Chapter membership lists may be obtained from the Member Services Director.
  5. Assist with locating advertisers for Chapter activities, KWWOA newsletter, web page and Annual Conference.
  6. Ensure that the Member Services Director receives by November 1, all required information for all Chapter training classes and events planned for the upcoming year.
  7. Actively solicit Chapter award nominations for each of the following categories and award such, based on the procedures found in the Awards SOP:

Chapter Level:

Wastewater Operator of the Year

Water Operator of the Year

Operator Education Award

Facility Awards:

Water Plant Operations

Wastewater Plant Operations

Serve on the State KWWOA Awards Committee.  Forward the Chapter’s recommendations for each award by January 1 of each year to the KWWOA State Vice-Chairman, along with the initial application and any information collected by the Chapter.  Any award nominations submitted via the website, will be forwarded to the Chapter Vice-President by the Member Services.

As a member of the State Awards Committee, review the information supplied on each applicant, participate in site visits and help to select the final award recipients, see below, such that the KWWOA Vice-Chairman may have award plaques prepared in time for distribution during the Annual Conference.

J.C. Chambers – Wastewater

Earl T. Mitchell – Water

Eugene S. Nicholas – Water or Wastewater with an emphasis on the advancement of education.

Water Plant Operations

Wastewater Plant Operations

  1. Assist with locating KWWOA members to run for election to ensure the efficient operation of the Chapter.  Assist in the publication of upcoming elections to the membership.   Upon election of new officers, assist with the training of those officers (reference KWWOA SOPs located on the website) prior to stepping down and ensure the transfer of Chapter records in a timely manner.
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