You may purchase your membership and/or memberships for other employees, by using the links below.  You may also create new accounts/pay for memberships as well as for employees who have not previously been a KWWOA member.  To purchase your membership, you must add your name to the form, as it is not implied simply because you are logged into your account.

Operator Membership: An operator is a system employee, a KWWOA Lab Analyst, or a retired operator.

Honorary Operator Membership: If you are a retired operator who was an active member of KWWOA at the time of your retirement and who is not actively utilizing your operator's license for employment, you may apply for a Honorary membership.

Associate Membership: An Associate does not actively work for a sytem and/or are not certified, but are professionally interested in the principles of the water and wastewater industry.  This account type can be used for those that would like to exhibit and/or sponsor KWWOA.

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