Louisville MSD – Process Technician Trainee (2 positions)


Job Summary
Assists in the process operation and routine, corrective & preventive maintenance at the Morris Forman Wastewater Treatment Plant. Time in this position acts as a training period to become qualified as a Process Technician I.

Essential Job Functions
Stops, starts and adjusts process equipment. Samples, analyzes and reports information for continuous optimum operation. Monitors and identifies mechanical problems with regular direction from supervisors or guidance from Process Technicians I, II and/or III and responds to emergency conditions. Learns lubrication and oiling techniques. Reads and interprets various dials, gauges, flow gauges, flow integrators and charts and explosivity and toxic analyzing equipment. Learns to operate all types of valves and pumps. Learns to properly clean and paint equipment and facility areas. Learns to mix chemicals. Regulates chemical feed equipment. Performs laboratory and field tests for quality control as required by regulatory agencies. Learns to respond to emergencies and properly notify supervisor of problems. Assists mechanics, electricians, technicians, contractors and others to repair equipment. Maintains landscaping of buildings and grounds. Cuts grass, weeds and bushes. Assists treatment plant operators in performing general housekeeping duties. Serves on the Emergency Response Team as directed. Performs preventive and/or corrective maintenance as required. Performs other related duties as assigned or as judgement/necessity dictates.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Necessary to the Work
Knowledge of the elementary principles of chemistry and general science; ability to learn the principles and procedures relating to the operation and maintenance of a wastewater treatment plant; ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; ability to read, understand and follow written and oral instructions; ability to safely use all tools and equipment to perform work; ability to perform physically demanding tasks as outlined above; ability to work outdoors, at night and under adverse working conditions such as inclement weather; ability to climb and work in high places and confined spaces; ability to work effectively under heavy, unpredictable surges in workload; ability to work various shifts and mandatory overtime.

Minimum Requirements
High School Diploma or GED; two years of skilled labor or related experience, or successful completion of a recognized basic wastewater treatment course or other related field; an equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted. Must meet aptitude assessment requirements. Mechanical experience desired. Must possess a valid driver’s license. Must have an acceptable and reliable means for being contacted during off-duty hours. Must have safe work and driving habits.

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Miriam Fisher