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K. Hayes Limited has an immediate position available for a full-time Class IIIA Water Treatment Plant Operator in the Richmond area to fulfill an extended Government contract. Class IIA Water Plant Operators may also apply, with the requirement that they must obtain a Class IIIA license in a time frame specified by the employer if offered employment.

Job Summary:

The Water Operator will work under the direction of the Water and Wastewater Operations Superintendent to manage and maintain the water treatment plant and related facilities to treat, store, and distribute potable water to all tenants. The facility is a conventional WTP and is in the process of transitioning to new membrane filtration Treatment Plant.

Minimum Requirements:

This position requires a Kentucky Class IIA or IIIA Water Treatment Operator’s License and the ability to pass a criminal background check to obtain the necessary base security clearances. The Water Operator must be a high school graduate or equivalent with substantial experience in applicable work and demonstrate leadership qualities.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Follow the operation schedule provided for the facility.
• Be thoroughly trained in and familiar with the operation and maintenance requirements of all plant equipment.
• Perform routine inspection and maintenance of equipment, including preventive maintenance and reporting of problems in a timely manner to the Operations Supervisor.
• Maintain daily and monthly logs and reports.
• Perform various labor tasks in and around the plant, including performing custodial duties and maintaining equipment and facilities in clean and orderly condition.
• Be responsible for administration, operation, and maintenance of the entire plant.
• Operate water treatment facilities and SCADA equipment to control the flow and processing of water.
• Monitor, measure, and control chemical feed equipment, including the safe unloading and storage of chemicals, maintaining chemical inventories, and inspecting pump systems for proper chemical feed operation.
• Operate valves, start and stop pumps, take samples, perform analytical testing, and do other tasks required to comply with the facility’s KPDES permit.
• Observe variations in operating conditions and interpret meter and gauge readings or test results to determine processing requirements.
• Comply with base security requirements and maintain a good working relationship with Government employees.
• Be expected to need new or refresher training on various subjects as well as regular re-certification.

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