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Class Title: Locator Technician I
Department: Engineering
Supervisor: Engineering Designer
Supervises: None
Class Characteristics: Under general direction, performs skilled and unskilled work activities locating water lines, sewer lines, meter, valves, etc.; assists with GPS applications; assists other departments as requested; performs related work as required.
General Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Locates water lines, water service lines, water meters, and valves.
2. Locates sewer mains, manholes, sewer taps, clean-outs, laterals, etc.
3. Operates locator equipment.
4. Assists with GPS applications.
5. Coordinates work activities with outside contractors, electric, cable, telephone, gas, etc.
6. Coordinates work activities with plumbing inspectors, building inspectors, and other enforcement bodies.
7. Assists with reviewing and approving plans as requested.
8. Assists other departments as requested, often completing tasks not directly related to essential job duties.
9. Prepares and maintains files and records.
10. Cleans vehicles and equipment after use.
11. Detects malfunctions in equipment and makes minor repairs or recommends major repairs to superiors.
12. Performs related duties as required.
Non-Essential: None.
Training and Experience: Graduation from high school or equivalent supplemented by one-year related work experience.
Special Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
1. Knowledge of, or ability to learn, the GMWSS infrastructure, including water distribution lines and wastewater collection lines.
2. Knowledge of equipment, materials, methods, and techniques used in locating and recording water mains, sewer lines, meters, taps, valves, manholes, clean-outs, laterals, etc.
3. Knowledge of federal, state, and local laws and administrative regulations, and GMWSS regulations, standards, policies and procedures regarding water distribution and wastewater collection.
4. Knowledge of the operating characteristics, servicing requirements, work hazards, and applicable safety precautions associated with vehicles, equipment, and tools.
5. Knowledge of the geography of the service area.
6. Knowledge of safety requirements.
1. Organizational skills.
2. Communication skills.
3. Computer skills.
1. Ability to read blueprints.
2. Ability to work with outside contractors, local utilities, etc.
3. Ability to work with other enforcement personnel, including plumbing inspectors, building inspectors, etc.
4. Ability to ensure that standard and updated safety regulations and standards are always adhered to.
5. Ability to detect mechanical flaws and make minor repairs to equipment.
6. Ability to perform manual labor under extreme weather conditions for extended periods of time.
7. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with officials, employees, and the general public.
8. Possess water distribution operation aptitude, mechanical aptitude, manual dexterity, and in good physical condition.
Instructions: Instructions are very general; must use own judgement most of the time.
Processes: Must occasionally consider different course of action or deviate from standard operating procedures to get the job done.
Review of Work: Most or all completed work is reviewed.
Analytical Requirements: Problems require analysis based on precedent.
Physical Demands of the Job: Work is performed primarily outdoors, regardless of weather conditions; must operate equipment and vehicle; exposed to machinery and its moving parts; exposed to dangerous machinery and sharp tools; exposed to noise, fumes, chemicals and toxic substances; required to be in high places, confined spaces, and using stairs and ladders in order to complete work assignments.
Tools and/or Equipment Used: Vehicle; computer; locator equipment; other departmental equipment as assigned.
Contacts: Public and internal contacts are a requirement of the job.
Confidential Information: Little or no use of confidential information.
Interruptions: Frequent.
Special Licensing Requirements: Must obtain and maintain a valid driver’s license.
Certification Requirements: Must possess First-Aid Responder (CPR) Certification. Possession of Water Distribution license up to Class IV preferred, but not required.
Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirements: Must participate in mandatory drug and alcohol testing as a condition of employment and continued employment.
Additional Requirements: Must be able to respond to calls in emergency situation at all hours.
Overtime Provision: Non-exempt.


Georgetown Municipal Water & Sewer Service (GMWSS) will be accepting applications for the position of Locator Technician I. Excellent benefits package and salary ranges offered. Detailed job descriptions and application forms can be obtained from Barb Bowman at 1000 W Main St. in Georgetown, Kentucky, and through the GMWSS website at Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. An application MUST be submitted with your resume. A resume does not substitute for an application. Passing a physical, drug/alcohol test, and background check are conditions of employment.

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Barbara Bowman
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