City of Bardstown – Chief Water Plant Operator


General Description: Under general direction, supervises all activities and programs at the water plant; assists in the daily operation and maintenance of the water plant; performs related duties as required.

General Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Supervises all activities and programs a the water plant. Supervises water plant operators; approves time sheets; authorized vacation leave.
2. Assures monitoring and maintenance of plant and equipment in accordance with preventative maintenance program.
3. Assures addition of or adds chemicals in accordance with prescribed standards; adjusts chemicals if necessary.
4. Prepares and maintains accurate reports/records.
5. Assures the timely collection, recording and/or forwarding of samples for lab tests.
6. Maintains adequate inventory of spare parts, chemicals, equipment and tools.
7. Assures clean and neat plant and grounds.
8. Assists in the daily operation and maintenance of the water plant in compliance with established procedures and standards and federal, state and local laws, administrative regulations and ordinances.
9. Attends training programs to maintain license; assists in scheduling plant operators for training programs.

Desirable Qualifications:

Training and Experience: Graduation from high school or equivalent supplemented by sufficient work experience acceptable by the Kentucky Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet to have received a Class IV Water Plan Operators License, including five years directly related work experience. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Public Administration or related field preferred, but not required.

Special Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

1. Extensive knowledge of water plant operations.
2. Extensive knowledge of federal, state and local laws, administrative regulations, and ordinances with reference to water treatment.
3. Extensive knowledge of functions and servicing/maintenance requirements of mechanical equipment and machinery.
4. Knowledge of and ability to comply with safety standards.

1. Ability to supervise employees while assisting with performing the required administrative duties.
2. Ability to detect mechanical flaws and ability to assist with making repairs to plant and equipment.
3. Ability to prepare and maintain preventive maintenance and servicing program.
4. Ability to prepare and maintain accurate reports.
5. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with officers, other employees, contractors, and the general public.
6. Physical ability to preform heavy labor for extended periods of time, often under adverse weather conditions.

Additional Information:

Instructions: General; must use own judgement most of the time.
Processes: Must frequently refine existing work methods and develop new techniques, concepts, or programs within established limits or policies.
Review of Work: Work is generally not reviewed; may be required to provide written and verbal reports.
Analytical Requirements: Assignments involve decisions based on a wide knowledge of many factors where application of advanced or technical concepts is predominantly required.
Physical Requirements of the Job: Work involves sitting, standing, stooping, walking; must lift objects weighing more than 50 pounds as a job requirement; work requires being high in places, confined spaces, and using stairs and ladders. Exposed to fumes, chemical or toxic substances.
Tools, Equipment, and Vehicles Used: All equipment assigned to the Department, including laboratory equipment; must operate vehicle; normal office equipment(computer, telephone, etc.)
Contacts: Public and internal contacts are requirements of the job.
Confidential Information: Regular use of confidential information.
Mental Effort: Moderate
Interruptions: Frequent
Special Licensing Requirements: Must possess and maintain Class IV Water Plant Operator License issued by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Must possess and maintain valid driver’s license.
Availability: Must be able to respond to calls in emergency situations at all hours.
Certification Requirements: (See Special Licensing Requirements.)
Additional Requirements: NONE
Overtime Provision: Exempt

Applications can be found under the Career Opportunities tab on the web page.

Submit application to City Hall, Attn: Greg Ashworth, 220 N. Fifth Street, Bardstown, KY 40004 or email to


Greg Ashworth
City of Bardstown
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