Calvert City – General Manager


The General Manager is responsible for management, planning, operations, maintenance, and compliance assurance activities for the Department while adhering to approved policies. Advises and makes recommendations to the Board of Public Utility Commissioners and the Mayor with respect to policies, procedures, capital projects, funding, operations, and rates. Manages operations to provide a
safe, efficient, and fair working environment for employees while providing quality, cost effective and efficient services to the customers. Responsible for implementing technological and organizational improvements approved by the Board to enhance operations, improve quality, efficiency and maintain environmental compliance.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

Must demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the management and operation of water and sewer utilities. Must have excellent leadership and management capabilities and be able to maintain effective relations with members of the Board, the public and employees. Must be able to analyze and resolve problems in a prompt effective manner. Must demonstrate planning, organizational, supervision and motivational skills.
Must have:
 Kentucky Class IIIA Water Treatment License,
 Class II Water Distribution License,
 Class II Wastewater Treatment License and
 Class II Wastewater Collection System License.
 Ability to plan, organize, assign, supervise and inspect the work of subordinates.
 Good verbal and written communication skills.
 Personal computer knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office, GIS, and database applications.
 Ability to read and understand blueprint drawings.
 General knowledge of operation of mechanical and electrical equipment including operation of programmable controllers and SCADA systems.
 Knowledge of Occupational Safety and Health Rules for Industry and Construction.

Must be willing to relocate. Degree preferred,
Those wishing to apply must submit an application and resume to the City Clerk of Calvert City, Kentucky before 4:00 p.m. local time on July 21, 2022. An application may be obtained from the office of the City Clerk at 861 E. 5th Avenue, Calvert City, KY or online at


John Ward
Calvert City
861 East 5th Avenue
Calvert City, KY 42029

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John Ward