1.      What information is required to set up an account on the KWWOA website?

The information is the basically the same as what was required under the old site and includes personal information on how we can reach you to send KWWOA materials, such as you membership card, newsletters, training information, class confirmations, etc.

We ask for your Division of Compliance Assistance assigned Agency Interest Number to allow for the reporting of training hours earned at KWWOA classes. 

As with many websites, an email address (business or personal) and password are now required to help protect the site and your information.  If you don’t have an email address, just create/enter a bogus email address and password for your use and then simply check the box advising that you want us to mail your KWWOA materials.  For bogus emails, we typically use the following format, i.e. for Lisa Detherage, the email would be ldetherage@kwwoa.org.  This lets us know it is not a valid email.  

Write this information down, as this email address/password will be utilized to gain access to your account on the website.  If you have an email address, you can use the same password you use to access it or something different.  Even though you have a valid email address, you may elect to have your KWWOA information sent via the postal service.

If you submit a hard copy membership application and include an email address, this will be used with a generic password of "kwwoa_password".  If you submit a hard copy application and do not have an email address, we will use your first initial, last name at kwwoa.org as noted above (i.e. John Doe - jdoe@kwwoa.org) and the generic password of "kwwoa_password".  It is highly recommended that once you receive your membership card, that you log onto the site and check the accuracy of your personal information and change your password. 

2.      Why does the site require an email address/password?

As with many websites today, an email address and password are now required to help protect the site and your information.   If you don’t have an email address, just enter a bogus email address and password as noted above in Item 1 and then simply check the box advising that you want us to mail your KWWOA materials.  Write this information down though, as this email address/password will be what gives you access to our site from now on.

3.      Is a password required to simply look at the site?

No, only if you wish to become a KWWOA member, register for training, post a job vacancy, etc.

4.      Do I have to be a member to attend KWWOA training sessions or the Annual Conference?

No, but you will have to register on the site and pay a fee for the training you select.

5.      Can my employer pay my membership fees?

Yes, but to do so you must have a user account on our website or provide your personal information to your Employer so that an account may be created for you.   Remember that while the Employer paid for the membership, it belongs to you.  If you sever your employment, the paid membership will still be valid until December 31 of that calendar year.

 6.      What is an “Agency Interest Number”?

It is a unique number assigned by the Division of Compliance Assistance when an operator is first certified.

7.    What is a “Unique KWWOA Identifier?”  

Any facility employee, Associate Member, KLA Member who is not certified by the Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance, will be issued a "Unique KWWOA Identifier."  This number is assigned when you first create an account on the site, and as is used thereafter to link purchases to your account. 

 8.       If I move, obtain a new phone number, employer, etc., how do I go about updating my personal information on the site?

 You may go online at any time and change your account information.  By allowing operators to update their own information, hopefully KWWOA will see less returned mail or invalid email addresses.

When you log into your account with your email address and password, you will be on your Account page where you will see several tabs at the top of the page.  If you click on the “Edit” tab, you can reset your password for your account. If you select the “Red Hen Contact" tab, you may change any of your other personal data including home/work address, phone, etc.  If when you created your account you were not certified but you have now been assign an Agency Interest Number by the KY Division of Compliance Assistance, you will also be able to find this field on this tab.  Always remember to hit the “Save” button at the bottom on the page before exiting the page so the information will be changed.

 9.    How do I go about paying a membership fee and/or register for a class?

You will find that the membership renewal, class and conference attendee registration pages all look very similar.  Once you have logged into your account account on the KWWOA site, you will select to the appropriate page and within the box below the header which references "Existing Users" (you are an Existing User because you have an account on our site), type in your last name or AI or KWW number.  When you do this, you will see a list of names appear below the box.  Use you mouse and click on your name.  Once this is done, your AI or KWW number will appear in the box.  Then you click on the "Add Operator or User" blue button to the right of that box.  Once you click  on this button another will appear below your AI/KWW number, as well as some additional questions.  Answer those, and then click on the button below it.  For memberships the button will read "Add Membereship to Cart" and for training registrations, the button will read   "Register for Training".  You may then proceed to the cart to check out.  Do not stop responding to the questions posed until you get to the screen with an order number.

If you are a member and there is no charge for a class, you still must check out and obtain an order number for the class registration to be completed.

10.   May I or my Employer register on the KWWOA website for membership or training, and then mail in a check for payment?

Yes, you simply indicate at checkout that this is how you want to pay, so that we will be on the lookout for the fee.  You then mail a check, money order, or cashier’s check to KWWOA, P.O. Box 700, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342, referencing on your check the order number given at the time of checkout.  If you are registering for a training class and are not a member, your training hours will not be provided to the Division of Compliance Assistance until the fee is paid.  It is your responsibility to remember to submit this fee in a timely manner as hours for attendees will be submitted in most cases within two weeks of the class.

11.   Is it possible to pay online for a KWWOA membership or training with my credit or debit card?

Yes, you simply indicate your desire to do so at check out and follow the prompts provided to add your credit card information.  This transaction is done through PayPal, but you are not required to have an account on their site unless the purchase is over $1,000.00.  By utilizing PayPal, KWWOA will also not have access to nor short any personal financial information.  When checking out, make sure the address listed on the payment page is the billing address for the credit card or it may be declined.

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