KWWOA is currently working on a website update that will make the process of creating user accounts, filing memberships and registering for training, much simpler.  This new site it slated to be online by December 7th.  Once the site is ready, an email will be sent to all uers.  Thanks for your patience!

KWWOA has changed its email addresses to info@kwwoa.org or Lisa@kwwoa.org.  Both addresses will reach Member Services Director, Lisa Detherage.  Email sent to the old address, kwwoa@fewpb.net, will be forwarded for a short time, but it is best to go ahead and place these new addresses in your "Contacts" and begin using one of them.

Questions regarding this website may be directed to Lisa Detherage, Member Services Director, at kwwoa@fewpb.net or by calling (502) 352-0510.

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If you requested email notifications but you are not receiving training programs, etc., please check the accuracy of the email address on your KWWOA account.  The same applies as well to regular mail requests. 

If you were not certified when you created your KWWOA account and therefore were assigned a KWW number, remember to log into your account and add your Agency Interest Number upon certification, so we know to provide your training hours to DCA and to what certification.

The 59th Annual KWWOA Conference is scheduled for March 20 - 24, 2016 at the Crowne Plaza, Louisville, Kentucky.  Mark your calendars so you don't miss out on this event!