Are You Looking for a New Job or

Have a Job Vacancy at Your Facility?

If you are looking for a new job in the water or wastewater field, be sure and check our the "Employment" tab, located on the menu to your left.  Our members routinely post available positions, including details on how to apply and the qualifications required.

If you have a position available within your Agency that you would like to post, log into your KWWOA account and select the "Employment" tab as well.  Once on this page, select the "Add a new job posting" link and add the required job information in each field.  Be sure and hit the save button at the bottom of the page when finished.  Once the information is added, KWWOA must review and approve the content for it to post, but this is normally done within 24 hours.

Questions regarding this website may be directed to Lisa Detherage, Member Services Director, at kwwoa@fewpb.net or by calling (502) 352-0510.


The KWWOA website now allows for BULK Registrations for Chapter training events.  If you have a "Plant" account, it will not include you as a part of the order.  If you have an "Operator" or "Associate" account, it will assume that the person filing the order will also attend the class. 

If you requested email notifications but you are not receiving training programs, etc., please check the accuracy of the email address on your KWWOA account.  The same applies as well to regular mail requests. 




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